Twekl company for information technology

We provide solutions for complex problems that faces every business owner regardless the business size.

Building software for world changers.

Builds digital products that let people do things differently. Share your challenge with our team, and we’ll work with you to deliver a revolutionary digital product.

Our values shape the way we work with our clients, delivering outstanding user experience supported by cutting-edge technologies

TWEKL ‘s core values evolved with us as the company grew and we learned from our experiences. They epitomize what we want to achieve, and they might change in the future, as we aim higher and higher. We think of those values as important to our culture and individual sense of accomplishment.


Exceed clients and colleagues expectations

Never settle for “good enough” when you know you can and should do better. It isn’t about measuring your performance against that of others – it’s about giving yourself permission to go the extra mile and do work you can be proud of.


Take ownership and question the status quo in a constructive manner

Trust your gut and your knowledge, even if you need to question your team leader or CEO. We are all people – fallible but trying our best. TWEKL culture allows us to appreciate openness and constructive feedback.


Be brave, curious and experiment – learn from all successes and failures

We believe that having the freedom to take risks and make mistakes is extremely important in any work environment. That’s how we learn, and how we innovate: by trying out ideas and looking at our results.


Act in a way that makes all of us proud

We are all in this together and everything you say and do, whether internally or publically, reflects on us. We all deserve respect, and one way to make sure we get it is by holding ourselves accountable for our own actions.


Build an inclusive, transparent and socially responsible culture

Culture doesn’t happen by chance – we need to be proactive and work on it every day, taking full responsibility for the results. We want everyone to have a voice, and we want our activities as a company to be transparent.


Be ambitious and grow yourself and the people around you

Having ambition and working towards career goals is a wonderful thing, and we want to fully support you on your path. But as you forge ahead, be mindful of the people around you and of how you can help each other.


Recognise excellence and engagement

What others think of you should never be your most important concern, but we all know the value of well-earned respect and constructive feedback. Validation and recognition are important.

Shaping a vision, delivering software, creating world class experiences

Collaborating with TWEKL has had a lasting impact on our ability to be innovative and execute at a pace. The team there have a strong focus on not just doing what you ask for.

Project Kickoff

Regardless of whether you need to craft an idea for a completely new product or evaluate the quality of an already existing one – we're here to help you.

Ideation and Evaluation

Give your product idea a real shape. Plan and evaluate the essential features of your product to accomplish your business goals and eliminate potential mistakes.

Design Process

Craft delightful user experiences for your digital products. Solve real problems and improve your vital business metrics through beautiful interfaces.

Development Process

Create beautiful, fast, and secure applications tailored precisely to your business goals.