Market Management System

Supercharge your supermarkets with an innovative and agile POS system.​
Today’s perfect Super market point of sale and retail management solution is full-featured, speedy, and reliable. Supermarkets need a POS solution that is seamless, running on grocery POS software that is fully-connected to the rest of the store.

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

your discounts, dynamic promotions, rewards programs, and other transactional processes work the same. At the front-store and online, your customer relationship management tools all work in unison

Inventory Management: Replenishment and Control

full-spectrum inventory capability to synergize supply chains. It can replace your current inventory management software and cut down on complexity. Connect your inventory controls to the rest of your supermarkets operations, seamlessly.​

Employee tracking and management​

High-touch service is of critical importance in retail, especially in supermarkets where patrons often need guidance to navigate their journey. Monitor performance to hold associates accountable and guard your bottom line.

Reporting and Business Intelligence: Track Sales and Performance

Why are some grocery markets thriving in the face of change while others are facing uncertain futures? A major component is being able to make critical decisions based on real, actionable data.

Why Twekl ?

Our system help you with many feature...

Supermarket POS

Running a smooth checkout process is vital for any grocery store or supermarket. You need a system that is both reliable and efficient. Twekl POS Software was designed to give you and your customers a stellar shopping experience. Use your own hardware, record transactions, identify sales and grant discounts with just a few clicks.

Cash Register

No matter how big (or small) your grocery store or supermarket is, having full control of transactions is essential for the success of your business. Keep track of the money in your business. Follow your cash flow closely, as well as other relevant information such as payment methods, products sold and peak hours.

Multiple Service Terminals

Twekl POS Software grows with your business. Run as many service terminals as needed with the same speed and efficiency of running a single one. Multiple Service Terminals are used when your business needs more than one access point (service station). You can avoid long lines and increase customer satisfaction by offering more than one checkout.

Statistics & Reports

If you wish to run your bakery or your Market more efficiently and take it to the next level, you’ll need to analyze your business reports. Twekl POS provides many customizable reports and statistics that can help you better understand what your customers want and what your business needs.

Stock Management

Twekl POS has a complete inventory management system for supermarkets. Our clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to add new products and keep track of crucial stock-related information such as quantity levels, purchase costs and more. Stay ahead of the demand curve, keep the right amount of products on hand and plan for seasonal changes.