Twekl’s Data Center Services give you more than just access to technologically advanced physical facilities used for storing and processing business-relevant information. We also provide you with the support of highly-trained professionals who can help you increase the efficiency of your systems and applications. By choosing Twekl Data Center Services, available in a hosting and cloud model, you get complete transparency into the price-quality relationship. That way, you will have a clear understanding of how we can help you drive better business results.


What are the benefits?

The highest level of security and performance
Twekl experts managing the infrastructure on your behalf
Improved data efficiency and reduced operational costs


What do we offer?

    Every organization needs a robust IT infrastructure to gain a competitive advantage. This is why we're here - to provide you with the technological support and flexibility you need to maximize your business efficiency.
  • Disaster Recovery Center
    Best way to protect yourself from the negative consequences of IT downtimes? Easy... the Disaster Recovery Center! The primary role of the DRC is to guarantee that no system failure can cause irreversible damage to your data and your IT infrastructure. That way, if anything serious happens, all of your systems will be back online in no time, thus allowing you to keep running your business operations.
  • IBM Power Services
    We offer fully managed services for IBM i Power Systems, which are a secure and reliable solution for any mid or enterprise business. These services will allow your company to increase its business efficiency and reduce costs associated with operating your IT infrastructure.
  • Twekl Cloud
    Twekl infraspace is a technologically-advanced cloud computing service that helps you build, manage, upgrade, and maintain your business applications effectively with the use of a dedicated set of advanced tools and frameworks.


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Who can use services in Twekl Data Centers?

Twekl is ready to support large or medium-sized companies from both the public and private sectors. We provide all our clients with solutions that meet their needs.

Are you vendor neutral?
Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?
Does Twekl own the IT infrastructure or just reselling some other providers service?
How often are Twekl Data Center backed up?
Does Twekl offer a “remote hands” services?
Who can access the data center? Who are the authorized personnel?

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